July 2018 took me to New York for a work event. Obviously, being in the big apple (why is it called this?!) meant that I consumed A LOT of food, and spent most of my free time planning where to eat. Luckily, my soul sister got to travel with me, so between the 2 of us we found some right gems!

Thanks to Buzzfeed we had discovered the AMAZING concept of cups of raw cookie dough! After a lunch of pizza (that deserves a post to itself) we decided to explore the city in search of the famous Cookie DŌ.

On route, we discovered that we were super close to the FRIENDS building, so if you’re a fan, start your walk from around here… you will need to burn some calories before this treat!

As we approached the quiet street we saw a queue of people outside of the small shop – jackpot! Without looking too desperate we upped the pace of our stroll to join the line of cookie connoisseurs. As we joined the queue, we were met with a friendly face who handed us some menus. The world is literally your oyster with the options available and just as we had made up our minds, we made it inside the shop and the smells and shelves of goodies made us rethink our decisions all together – its clearly a hard day when the biggest decision if deciding if we want a topping on our cookie dough!

Anyway, the queue itself was moving quite quickly and decisions had to be made. I chose a small pot of confetti dough with no extra toppings as I didn’t want to ruin the flavours of the dough! After handing over the monopoly money (this is all other currencies right?) we eagerly went outside, took our Instagram worthy pictures and sat down on the benches opposite the shop.

The first bite was heavenly, as was the second and the third. After the third bite I was starting to think that I was scooping sugar in to my mouth – albeit delicious sugar. Unfortunately for me, my tastebuds started to kick up a fuss and I failed to finish the little pot of heaven! Cookie 1 – Laura 0

Overall, I would definitely recommend this little find, but don’t let your eyes take control as you will be disappointed when you can’t finish it if you are anything like me!

Purely for the fact that it was too sickly towards the end I give it a 3/5 – but this place can’t be missed on your trip to NYC.

L x

Here is the video that started it all for us…

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