2019… the year to take on new challenges!

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So, after a good start with my blog toward the end of last year, I suddenly stopped in October. There was lots of reasons for this, but mainly because I girl I knew died of cancer.

I began to wonder, what’s the point of this blog, who even cares what my opinions and thoughts are, and once I’m gone a few posts about my life aren’t going to make any difference.

However, over the Christmas period, I took a trip up to the very North of Scotland – Dunnet Head ( blog pending?!) to see some family and family friends. Whilst I was there, nearly everyone mentioned that they had missed my blog posts and wanted to see more.

I know it’s family and they’re supposed to be nice, but they helped me to realise that this little blog, is not only therapeutic for me to write, but also, it’s something that they looked forward to reading.

Eventually, I would like to build up enough followers to think the same but for now, I am happy.

2018 was a year of all sorts of emotions. But, hand on heart, I can say it’s probably been the best. I’m not going to sit here in mid January and drag out the new year as we’re all over that now! But, I’ve set myself some goals, not resolutions.

My main goal for 2019, is to look after me. I had a health scare at the end of 2018 and it’s time that I stop abusing my body and my health and actually look after myself. I’ve met with an amazing nutritionalist who has given me so many tips and tricks, so hold tight to see a dedicated post just for that!

In the meantime, I’ll keep my page updated with my travels, my progress, and more adventures and if anyone has any requests, let me know!

Just a short one, but, I’m back (with dog stories to come!).

Let 2019 be the year we smash our goals, get rid of negativity, and become the people we actually want to be.

L x

In memory of Becki Richardson.

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