On a flying visit to Barcelona (we literally spent 22hours there including airport time) for meetings, we were lucky enough to find this little gem of a restaurant. We being my boss (sometimes friend) and I. 

I’m not going to lie, Trip Advisor did help us, but we were in the middle of a little neighbourhood where nowhere seemed to be open on Mondays and with just a couple of hours, we didn’t want to spend the evening roaming the streets. 

After finding the restaurant and reading the varied reviews, we thought let’s just try it. And, oh boy, I am so glad we did! 

We managed to walk past the restaurant as there are no windows, so it just blends in with the buildings down the street. There is however, some charming iron doors which just adds to the charm of the place. 

We arrived at 8pm, just at the restaurant opened their doors. At first we were a little concerned as other then a couple of locals, we were the only people in there (yes, we had forgotten that it has just opened). As we made our way cluelessly to the bar the waiter asked if we had been before – obviously the answer was no… he proceeded to explain that we serve ourselves. At this point I was thinking “great, we’ve walked in to a buffet. What happened to the Spanish tapas”. But, as we went to look at the food, we saw that they were bringing out plates constantly of tapas and you literally just go and help yourself. Each dish has a cocktail stick, and you keep your stick and pop it in a bowl. They then get added up at the end and you can find out how much of a piglet you have been. 

We stacked up our first plate with different variations of meat based tapas, patatas bravas and Camembert (I have no willpower with cheese). The patatas bravas was the most delicious I have ever tasted. The potatoes were cooked to perfection, and the sauce was homemade heaven. It’s worth stopping here for this dish alone! 

The other tapas bits were yummy, but nothing overly remarkable. Don’t get me wrong though, I would eat them again. 

Whilst munching (scoffing) away, we were asked if we fancied a kilogram of steak. Admittedly, this is what had drawn us in on the reviews, but come on, a kilo between 2 of us?! Yea, right!  

But, then again, it’s steak, it’s protein, and we like to eat…. so why not! 

After this (not so spontaneous) order, we tried to wait without eating. Which in a usual restaurant setting is easy (unless it’s your starter you’re waiting for and you’re starving!). Here, it was a true test of willpower. One that we both failed. All these little dishes of interesting concoctions kept on coming out, and just and we gave in and loaded up our played for round 2, the sizzling plate of steak came out. At this point, I would insert the drooling emoji, but I’ve been advised when I use it in messages that no one really likes it…

First thought…. at least 500g is a bone. Second thought, this isn’t going to be hard! 

The first mouthful was divine! I’ve been lucky enough to visit some of the best steak houses in the world, but I would say this was up there for quality and taste. My only criticism is that it was maybe a little too salty. I didn’t mind the salt, but it made me feel dehydrated by the end of the end of the meal. 

We ploughed through, and I soon realised that it was still a lot of meat, especially after about 5 tapas dishes. 

After a heavy 5minutes of finishing, we took our pot of sticks to the bar and held our breath whilst we waited for the damage…. €72!! For drinks, lots of tapas and all the steak we could eat pretty much. Bargain! 

This gem is truly worth a visit if you’re in the area. I wouldn’t go out of my way to go there from Barcelona city centre, but I would go back, even just for patatas bravas and steak! 

It’s 4 stars from me! 

L x 


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