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IMG_7506So I guess I should start with why this blog has been born…. in 2016 I was lucky enough to get offered a ‘dream job’ travelling around the world, experiencing different cultures and trying amazing (and some not so amazing) food. Although all that isn’t actually my job, that is a big perk that comes with it. I actually travel to various race circuits over the world and because motorsport is so versatile, I get to be too!

Anyway, back to the point… because of all the exciting things I get to do, it has been suggested to me on numerous occasions that I should share these experiences through a blog and also use it as a platform to offer real opinions on where I go. Don’t get me wrong, I am all about taking pictures for ‘the gram’, however, you won’t catch me balancing on the edge of a cliff to get the perfect angle; I’ll be the person choking on a piece of rice which has gone down the wrong way, showing off a golf ball sized mosquito bite that is irritating me or trying to sneakily take a nap whilst I am in denial about jet lag.

I do love all things foodie and will try anything (within reason) to experience local cultures and cuisines, so I hope I am able to give some of these dishes the credit they deserve on here!

When I am not travelling (or in the office), I wouldn’t describe myself as an exciting or even adventurous person. I am the girl that goes home to put on her pyjamas and play with the dog. However, I am now also the girl that goes home, puts on old clothes (pyjamas aren’t appropriate apparently), helps (hinders) with their home renovation, and gets easily distracted by playing with the dog.

Anyway. thats me, thats why and lets see what happens!

L x

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