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IMG_6462So I get asked quite frequently what I use for my skin when I travel, to stop the dryness and the inevitable breakout in spots.

This is only something that I have recently learnt myself as travelling plays havoc with my entire body, let alone my face. What is important to understand is our skin is used to humidity levels of between 40% – 70%. The air within the aircraft cabin is typically around 20%; half of what our skin is used too. This is the main reason for dry skin, and the dreaded skin peel on the way back from a sun-soaked holiday. However, with our skin drying out, our body may try to fight back and make our face greasy to try and compensate – hello spots.

Im not going to pretend that I am some beauty guru now, with all the knowledge that one could want, but I have found  tips that have helped me, and if they can help you then I will share away happily:


  1. Use a decent face mask before you go away – ideally  the morning of, or the night before. Personally, I have tried lots of different ones but I find the Nu Skin Glacial Marine Mud Mask the best. I find this draws out the excess oil in my skin, helps to close my pores up and also leaves my skin feeling smooth.
  2. After the face mask, I put on a good moisturiser – I use Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Lightweight with SPF15. This just sets your skin up nicely for whats ahead. Pop the moisturiser in to your hand luggage – you will need it on the plane!
  3. DRINK WATER!!! This is probably the most important of the points to air travel, no matter what you are doing. I find that if I keep sipping away on a flight (on the water and not so much the wine) my skin is less likely to dry out and breakout. I also find that my eyes don’t dry out as much. However, I find the best thing to be my feet and hands don’t get as puffy as they would if I didn’t have my water with me! I take my trusty Love Island water bottle with me when I travel as mostairports have drinking water points, and most airlines will happily fill the bottle up for me whilst travelling. Obviously, just make sure its empty when going through security.
  4. Remember that moisturiser I put in my hand luggage? Well when I get comfy in my seat on the plane, I use that opportunity to put on another layer of moisturiser to help give my skin that extra barrier from the dry air.
  5. I tend to carry make up wipes with me when I travel. When the plane starts to descend, I clean my face with the wipes and put on another layer of moisturiser. I’m not so precious about which wipes I use – I tend to use whatever is on special that week in Sainsburys!
  6. Finally, when we have landed and made it to where we are staying and showered,  I put on the Estee Lauder Nightwear Plus 3 minute Detox Mask before doing my usual night time skincare routine.

I won’t promise that this will work for everyone, but I know this works for me and helps my skin for ageing prematurely!

Let me know what works for you and what you do differently!

L x

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