Pizza v Pizza – A New York Special

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As mentioned in Cookie DŌ NYC we tried some amazing pizza on our trip to New York back in July. By some, I mean A LOT. After some careful consideration, and social media stalking/reminiscing , I have decided on my 2 favourite pizzas, which can’t be ignored on a trip to NYC!

Prince Street Pizza v Adrienne’s Pizza

In all honesty, our pizza research was poor prior to our trip as we assumed that there would be great pizza on every street. What we didn’t take in to consideration was the amount of variety, the amount of choice, and my inability to make a decision. We ended up stumbling in to places, eating until we wanted to explode, and then wondering how we were going to fit in our next meal – which was 100% still happening even though we felt like 2 overstuffed piglets.


I had a day booked off work whilst in NYC and we wanted to use this time to fit in as

many touristy activities as possible! On the Thursday morning we got up early (thank

you jet lag) and had an American breakfast of maple syrup covered apple pancakes, with a side of crispy bacon. Pancakes 1 – Laura/Charlotte 0.

We then took the subway (I felt like I belonged in an American soap) to the South Ferry Terminal for a boat tour of the city and to see the one and only, Lady Liberty (Yes – I know, she’s really called the Statue of Liberty). Obviously, all this sight seeing made us start wondering what and when our next meal should be. We knew we were close to Wall Street, so prices would be expensive, food made for tourists and generally very busy. However, we did not let this phase us in our quest for a good New Yorker lunch. As predicted, everywhere was rammed and the choice was super varied. Just as we were planning on getting the subway to a different area, the restaurant we were stood by started to bring out trays of pizza… oh my gosh. This was Adrienne’s Pizza!

It was hot, sunny and so overcrowded, but we decided we were going to wait until there was an available table. Coincidentally, a table was free inside. At first we thought we may wait outside anyway, but when we saw inside, with its open kitchen and rows of interesting looking bottles, we thought why not (plus it was air conditioned – winning)!

The menu itself wasn’t overly massive – thank goodness or we would have never made a decision. We decided on a pepperoni and olive pizza to share. After a 10-15minute wait our tray of pizza was placed in front of us. First thing I did was take a picture – it was rectangular! We both took a slice, admiring the doughiness, the amount of topping, and the smell radiating from the slice of calorific heaven in front of us.

IMG_5006Words cannot describe how good this pizza was; It had a light base, even though the dough was thick. The crispy pepperoni had the right amount of crunch, and the olives added the right level of saltiness. I can say with my hand on my heart that this is one of the BEST pizzas I have ever tried. Each mouthful was so more-ish, however, as we were discovering with most meals, the final score was: Pizza 1 – Laura/Charlotte 0.

The next day, we were still raving about how amazing this pizza had been to our Uber driver who had asked if we had eaten any good food yet (well duh, of course we had). She recommended Prince Street Pizza. After some Instagram stalking, we decided that this would, indeed, make it on our list of food to try!

We went to Prince Street for lunch and at first was disappointed as it looked closed (we had checked the opening times as well). We went across the street to a little bakery and had a cup of tea (and a cheeky cupcake or 3) whilst planning our next move. We saw that a queue had begun to form outside the little shop front and became excited that we were going to get our pizza after all – is that sad?!

After queuing for 10minutes, the shop opened (albeit 30min late) and service commenced! The restaurant itself is  a small shop front, with a cabinet full of scrumptious looking pizza and not a lot else – why make it fussy when the pizza is the star of the show?! There were no tables, but New York has plenty of benches and small parks so we weren’t bothered about this at all.

When it was our turn to order, our eyes kept on growing. We ordered 2 slices of pepperoni each (1 would have been more than plenty), and then quickly ordered a slice of margarita each too… actual piglets. 

Picture Credit: @psp_nyc

When we sat down to eat our pizza, we started with the margarita – this was cooked to perfection and the cheese was soooo good!

Moving on to the pepperoni, I was a bit disappointed. My slice was swimming in oil but

easily poured off, which wasn’t an issue. The slice itself was really good, which a very test tomato base and worth trying. However, I felt that the topping was sliding about the pizza too much, which became rather messy on a park bench! You guessed it, the final score was Pizza 1 – Laura/Charlotte 0.

Overall, I would go for both pizzas again, but, Adrienne’s Pizza is the Pizza winner with a strong 5/5 from me!

L x

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